Hello, YAYA Alumni!

The Ana & Adeline Foundation is invested in the multi-generational creative community of YAYA.  We believe you possess a creative approach to life with skills and experiences that contribute to a rich and diverse community.  The Ana & Adeline Foundation offers ways for YAYA Alumni to network and collaborate and supports opportunities in the visual arts and design.

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Who is eligible?

  • YAYA alumni, as defined by the Foundation, are artists who: 1) earned a high school diploma or GED and 2) participated in YAYA for a minimum of two consecutive years. 
  • YAYA alumni of any age and career status are eligible for opportunities through the Foundation. The Foundation is interested in supporting YAYA alumni of diverse ages who have a range of experience - from recent high school graduates to more established professional artists, as well as those who seek to nurture their creative pursuits while juggling the many demands of life. 

During the Covid-19 crisis, verification of the YAYA Alumni Enrollment Forms will be expedited within 48 hours.

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