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This form is an agreement between you, (hereinafter referred to as "ARTIST"), and Ana & Adeline Foundation (hereinafter referred to as "Foundation").  Under the terms of this agreement, ARTIST agrees to participate in the Ana & Adeline Foundation Scholarship Program and to accept a Scholarship.  The amount of the scholarship and the requirements of the award are defined within this form.

If you live in southern Louisiana and have been impacted by Hurricane Ida, we hope you and your loved ones are in a safe place now.

Ana & Adeline Foundation is organizing information about resources and dedicating $20,000 to the Hurricane Ida Emergency Relief Fund for YAYA Alumni to help stabilize their lives and - by extension - their artistic practice. Grants of $250 and $500 are available to help with your immediate needs. There is no requirement to make art with this grant.

Please check out these RESOURCES available through FEMA and other services.

APPLY ONLINE in this form, OR

If you have limited data or cellular service, CALL or TEXT 504-914-6187.  Staff can assist you by phone to complete the application. Messages will be returned within 24 hours.


  1. You must be a YAYA Alumnus.
    • Please fill out the YAYA Alumni Enrollment Form. If you completed this form at any time in the past you do not have to fill it out again.
  2. You must have an artistic practice or interest/desire to start making art again. (NOTE: You do not have to make artwork with this grant.)
  3. You must live in the region that was impacted by Hurricane Ida or be supporting friends/family who have been impacted by providing shelter, money, etc.
  4. Funding priority is given to people who are experiencing greater impact – those who:
    • Evacuated or have been displaced,
    • Have no power,
    • Sustained damage to personal property (home, car, etc.),
    • Lost income and wages because they are unable to work, or
    • Other circumstances not listed above.

Other details

  • We may receive more requests for funding than we can provide.
  • There is no deadline to apply.
  • Applications are received and approved on a rolling basis.
  • The fund will stay open while funds are available, but we will evaluate and update it as the situation requires or allows.
  • Currently funds can be paid only by:
  1. Electronic Funds Transfer (direct deposit to your personal bank account),
  2. Zelle,
  3. Traditional check, OR
  4. If these options are not possible for you, please ask for an alternative. We’ll do our best to get funds to you.
  • Three YAYA alumni who live outside of the impacted area are serving as advisors and review panel to develop the emergency fund guidelines and to make funding recommendations. They are: Channel Guice-Thomas, Hannah Lee, and Darryl White.

QUESTIONS? Contact Ann Kaufman, Email or call/text 504-914-6187. Messages will be returned within 24 hours.

The Hurricane Ida Emergency Relief Fund for YAYA Alumni is made possible by generous contributions from

Ana & Adeline Foundation

Lydon & Janine Barrois

Calder & Caleb Sloan's Awesome Foundation

Hello, YAYA Alumni!

The Ana & Adeline Foundation is invested in the multi-generational creative community of YAYA.  We believe you possess a creative approach to life with skills and experiences that contribute to a rich and diverse community.  The Ana & Adeline Foundation offers ways for YAYA Alumni to network and collaborate and supports opportunities in the visual arts and design.

  • Do you want to know about grants, scholarships, and special events?
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  • Sign up with the Ana & Adeline Foundation! 
  • Complete this short one-time enrollment form to join the YAYA Alumni database and to be eligible to apply to the Ana & Adeline Foundation for grants, scholarships, professional development workshops, and more!

Who is eligible?

  • YAYA alumni, as defined by the Foundation, are artists who: 1) earned a high school diploma or GED and 2) participated in YAYA for a minimum of two consecutive years. 
  • YAYA alumni of any age and career status are eligible for opportunities through the Foundation. The Foundation is interested in supporting YAYA alumni of diverse ages who have a range of experience - from recent high school graduates to more established professional artists, as well as those who seek to nurture their creative pursuits while juggling the many demands of life. 

During the Covid-19 crisis, verification of the YAYA Alumni Enrollment Forms will be expedited within 48 hours.

Ana & Adeline Foundation